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Updated: (September 1, 2011)


The purpose of the Crosswalk Web Service (CWS) is to translate a group of metadata records from one format into another.

For this service, a metadata format is defined as a triple of:

The following is a list of highlighted translation paths:

To use the service you will have to write your own client software. With the aid of the WSDL file, this should be relatively easy. This documentation, however, does not cover how to write the client.

Since this is a demonstration service, we're limiting the number of records that can be translated per day. The service can process single- or multiple-record requests, but the total records from all requests from a user made in one day is limited to 1000.

Likewise, the service is being made available without any guarantees of any kind. We further reserve the right to discontinue operation at any time without notice.

Crosswalk API Overview

The Crosswalk Web Service has 4 methods:

More information about the Crosswalk Web Service API is available.

Crosswalk Publications